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Md. Najmul Hasan

Assistant Professor, & Chairman
Department of Business Administration
First Capital University of Bangladesh

As a developing country with a vast and poor population, Bangladesh has achieved consistent economic growth in the past decades because of a strong and growing business sector. First capital university of Bangladesh (FCUB) is continuously investing in students’ happiness by improving their study environment and its quality, by providing opportunities to be active in students’ associations and by helping them to build their confidence. FCUB, the main provider of research services for business and industry, one of the most active Business institutions in Chuadanga districts. We shape new generations of competent graduates and academics developing into critical-thinking researchers, executives, entrepreneurs and policy makers, with an independent mind, ethical awareness and global mindset. We train elite specialists who are highly valued in the country and abroad. Through academic research we are involved in local development and Bangladeshi integration and play an important role in the transfer of knowledge in and within our faculty to national and international companies and local authorities. FCUB provides education in both traditional and emerging subjects in business and management, ranging from Accounting, Finance, Management and Marketing. Our programs are delivered at all levels of higher education including Undergraduate, Postgraduate, MBA, and EMBA. Moreover, we strongly encourage cross-disciplinary teaching, learning and research both within the University and internationally to enhance innovation and career development for our students and academics alike. We are proud to have created an environment that enables current and future business leaders to flourish and to make difference in the world. Our broad range of courses is designed, with our industry partners, to respond to the rapidly evolving business landscape.

I warmheartedly express my best wishes to all students, parents, distinguished colleagues and administrative personnel. The enthusiasm and efforts of the students are the sources of our motivation that keeps the spirit of the department attuned. Let your beginning with our department tend you to accomplish a bright future.